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When you turn on the water, XHose automatically expands up to 3x its length. No more struggling with a heavy, clumsy hose. The lightweight, expanding XHose is easy to use, easy to store. This unique garden hose features a 2-in-1 design: a tough rubber inner hose is covered in super strong nylon webbing. With the XHose, there is no tangling or kinking. When water is turned off, this expandable hose returns to its original length!

Material Type: ABS
Versatile wet/dry vacuum for your car or truck
Magic Hose With 7-Functions Spray Gun
Twist-free, tangle-free, kink-free
Extremely lightweight and When water is turned off, the XHose contracts for convenient storage
Durable & reliable and Dimensions 100 feet long
Make watering easy & hassle-free
Includes easy release connectors

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